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Dr. Said Issa

Dr. Said Issa is one of the very few Beaumont physicians with a fellowship in Refractive Surgery at The Windsor Eye Institute. He graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1996 and completed his residency at Kresge Eye Institute at Wayne State University. Dr. Issa has been in practice for over 18 years, completed well over 13,500 successful refractive surgeries. At Laser Vision Care Center we offer a variety of services that include: Cataract Surgery, Sutureless Cataract, LASIK & LASEK. We offer Premier Lean Implant, Multifocal Leans, Toric Lenses. We pride ourselves on our ability to Correct Stigmatism. We treat Glaucoma both medically and with laser. Offer Diabetic Eye Care, Laser Diabetic treatment in addition to Yag Capsulotomy & Blepharoplasty.

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